Bonus Travel Limit

Get up to 100% increase in Credit Limit during your travel period!

How Does RCBC Bankard Bonus Travel Limit Work?
  • We want to make sure that you have enough credit limit on your RCBC Bankard while you're traveling overseas.
  • Enjoy a temporary increase of up to 100% in your credit limit during the travel period.
  • Primarily for purposes of overseas spend and travel related expense.

Terms and Conditions

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Open to all RCBC Bankard cardholders except Corporate cards, YGC employee accounts and InstaCard

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Cardholder can call 888-1888 or email for inquires and to avail of the Bonus Travel Limit.

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Cardholders request is subject to credit review and evaluation based on the following preliminary criteria:

  • Payment history, not delinquent/ suspended/ over limit during time of call
  • RCBC Bankard credit card should be in cardholder’s possession and not expired.
  • No increase in credit limit in the last 6months.
  • Should be at least a year cardholder.
  • Qualified cardholders will have a maximum cap of bonus Travel limit up to Php500, 000 or US$10,000, if Dollar card.
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Bonus Travel limit is temporary and shall revert to the regular limit once the travel period concludes.

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To avoid over limit and request for further extension on the approved Bonus Travel limit, cardholder must call Customer Service 888-1888.

Cards with this Benefit